Football Felines Fired Feasting over Fettucini - March 14, 2012

How thoughtful. Mark Shaner, President of the Pittsburgh Panther Arena Football League team honored his 24-man roster by inviting them all to an Orlando Olive Garden for dinner shortly before game time with the Orlando Panthers, in a story published in Yahoo!’s Shutdown Corner. How noble, treating his hard working charges to a fine Italian meal no less, at a place which celebrates family. But somewhere around the third breadstick passaround,  Mr. Shaner stood up with an announcement. It wasn’t “Knock ‘em dead you guys, now eat enough manicotti for twelve!” It wasn’t  “Win one for the Gipper!” or some other ”football is a game of inches” cliche.  Nope, instead Mr. Shaner clinked his glass and boldly stated he was firing the entire team on the spot, making sure he cleared the roster before the upcoming game against  the Orlando Predators, and before a planned Arena Football Strike for higher wages took place. According to witnesses, “15-20 very large, very angry people” got up and stormed out of the place without incident. We don’t blame them - that’s difficult news to digest.


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  1. olive garden is definitely good food.

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