Mixed Drinks - January 24, 2012

Per Minyanville.com and a number of sources, Starbucks is testing and expanding its offerings of beer and wine to include Atlanta and Southern California by end of 2012. Coupled with existing test units in Seattle and Chicago, about 25 of the 11,000 stores will offer beer and wine after 2 pm. The test units have shown double-digit sales increases after 4 pm, according to Starbucks, and any time a chain can build new daypart sales is usually a good thing. But the vibe of the place is bound to change. It’s likely that die-hard java drinkers will feel that “their place” feels less theirs, and they might shoot eye darts at the afternoon imbibers. The distinctive coffee aroma that’s part of Starbuck’s ambiance could get diluted with wafts of stale beer and old wine that hasn’t dissipated by morning. In the past, the chain altered its food offerings when stores began smelling too much like eggs. And how will the baristas handle orders such as “a double-shot, half-caff latte, room for Bud?”

Photo courtesy of beer-universe.com

2 Responses to “Mixed Drinks”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Interesting. Here’s hoping they try this out in SoCal soon.

  2. Fred says:

    Great, now they’ll get my money before and after work.

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