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Chicken Clickin’ - February 9, 2012

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Chick-fil-A continues to rock the QSR world with outstanding growth and sales performance. The Atlanta-based, privately held chain reported 2011 revenues of $4.05 billion, a 13.1% increase over the previous year. It also reported a same-store sales (SSS) gain of 7% for the year, well above average for the QSR category.

Chick-fil-A plans to open 92 units in 2012, a 16% gain over its 1,600 current locations. By year-end, 500 units will have been renovated. Here in the West, we’ve certainly seen more Chick-fil-A’s popping up. The chain has an excellent consumer reputation and an almost cult-like appeal, not unlike In-N-Out. Its once-limited menu has recently been expanded to include a kids meal with grilled nuggets and applesauce, a spicy chicken biscuit and the requisite multigrain oatmeal for breakfast. Desserts are coming in April, kicked off with a fudge brownie, sundaes and a warm chocolate chip cookie.

With a focus on quality and consistency menu- and marketing-wise, Chick-fil-A is firing on all cylinders. Competitors are fortunate that stores are closed on Sunday due to religious philosophy. If that ever changes, an extra day of business could boost the chain’s SSS nearly 17%– that’s no poultry sum.


A Chicken Coup - February 3, 2012

“Say, do you think we get a finder’s fee for this?”

Highly sought-after college athletes usually have sound reasons for deciding on a particular school. Such is the case with Cassanova McKinzy. A Yahoo! Sports article by Graham Watson states that the highly sought-after athlete used a great deal of wisdom when deciding between football programs at Clemson and Auburn universities.

McKinzy decided against Clemson–one of the reasons being that “they had no Chick-fil-A on campus.” Devotion to the QSR’s high-quality chicken fare superceded any consideration of athletic facilities, team outlook, coaching and academic opportunities. So he settled on Auburn, Alabama, where he’s quite comfortable with the Chick-fil-A presence.

It’s unfortunate that Clemon’s recruiter didn’t do his homework regarding McKinzy’s chicken lust. Because there is a Chick-fil-A … in the campus’s cafeteria. And it’s ironic that McKinzy thought he’d miss  Chik-fil-A if he picked Clemson. He did, literally, right there on campus.

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